Teachers' Wish List

Our teachers cannot do what they do without the help of parents and the community.  Please consider donating to your child's classroom.  

Wish List

A list of suggestions are below, however, if you think it's important for your child's teacher to have it, it probably is.

Parent Volunteers
Colored Pencils
Age Appropreiate Books
Rated G/PG Movie DVDs
Dry-erase Markers/Erasers
Lysol Spray/Wipes
Craft Paint, Yarn, Masking/Packing Tape
Inexpensive Prizes for Good Conduct Boxes
Plastic Folders with Prongs (any color)
Brown and White Paper Lunch Sacks
Tissue Paper, Velcro
AA and/or AAA Batteries
Black/Colored Sharpie Markers
Individual Colored Construction Paper
Thermal Laminating Pouches
Thank you!!
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