Science/Social Studies

Science and Social Studies

Your child will complete lessons according to the Alabama State Course of Study (ALCOS) for these subject areas. Your child will need to have an understanding of this information in order to be assessed (starting in 3rd grade) in these areas during State Standardized Testing. All grades within the ALCOS build on each other, so it is vital that your child begin learning these concepts upon the first year of entering school.  This will allow your child to be successful even before state testing.

Most all information, skills, and concepts are presented in class, but related materials, such as science and social studies leveled readers, study guides, and projects may be sent home for homework.
Your child will receive S, N, or U, in K-2nd and a letter grade in 3rd and above grades for these subject areas, so learning these concepts are vital to students' background knowledge of academic language and achievement. Please participate as much as possible in your child's homework and encourage him/her to always participate in class activities, experiments, and discussions.