What is an IP/Reading Specialist?

The purpose of the Instructional Partner/Reading Specialist within the school setting is to provide teachers and administrators with a partner who provides study factors related to professional learning and how to improve academic outcomes for students through supports provided by instructional coaching. Instructional partners are onsite professional developers who teach educators how to use evidence-based teaching practices and to support them in learning and applying these practices in a variety of educational settings.

I am trained by Alabama Reading Initiative (ARI) and other outside professional organizations, such as AMSTI, along with receiving countywide PD training and independent chosen training throughout the year.  
I am a continual learner.

The goal of the IP/RS is that every student receives excellent instruction, every day, in every class.

He/she partners with schools to achieve this goal in three ways: (a) sharing high-impact teaching strategies, (b) proven instructional coaching practices to support implementation of those practices, and (c) system change strategies to ensure teachers understand, agree with, and are committed to implementing strategies.

We help our schools implement High-Impact Instructional Strategies, Instructional Coaching, and System Change strategies in three ways: (1) Workshops to introduce the ideas, (2) Consulting to help educators take control of implementation of the practices and strategies, and (3) Coaching to help educational leaders and instructional coaches become fluent at each of the practices.