Parent Note


*Please download the SeeSaw App and pick up your child's individual QR code on their desk.

*Extended Day Services- See Mrs. Sholar for additional details about extended day.

*School starts at 7:45.  If your child is not in the school by 7:45 they will be considered late and must be signed in.   All doors lock at 7:45. After this time, you will have to request entrance through the buzzer by the front door.  Car riders will be dismissed at 2:45.

*3 parent notes per semester (3 before Christmas and 3 after).  You have 3 days to return an excuse note when your child returns to school after the absence. One parent note can cover 2 consecutive days. Three tardies equal 1 unexcused absence. 5 unexcused absences result in automatic referral for a truancy hearing with Etowah County Juvenile Probation.  Please refer to the student handbook for more information.

*Reading and math goals will be set for students individually.  They can earn the Super Scholars Celebration each 9 weeks. The celebration will include 1st grade thru 5th grade.  Kindergarten will be included after Christmas.

*The cost for lunch is $2.50.  We welcome visitors on Tuesday and Thursday after the 1st 2 weeks of school. The cost for a visitor’s lunch is $4.25. Due to the COVID pandemic, visitors will not be allowed in the school until further notice. Sorry.

*Special birthday snacks must be approved and scheduled with your child’s teacher. Only individually wrapped treats may be sent with your child that morning.

*Nurse Kelly Ward will check in  medications, if needed.  *A $10.00 donation to buy needed supplies throughout the year will be greatly appreciated. 


Mrs. Walker