Class Announcements
  Welcome to 2nd Grade!!!


Welcome to second grade.  We are excited about a new year.  This newsletter is to inform you of important information to help your child be successful this school year.  If you have any questions please feel free to email me at .  I will also be available for conferences between 1:50-2:30 p.m. daily.

  • This year your child will take weekly tests for letter grades and will receive letter grades on their report card.  Each week your child will be tested on the material that we have worked on in class for that week and with some items of review from the previous weeks.  The children will have a math, reading, spelling, and language test.  Most of the test will be given on Friday but some weeks the students’ will be given test on other days.  These test will be returned in their homework folder to you on Tuesday attached to a  weekly conduct sheet that must be signed and returned the following day. This will let us know that you saw your child’s papers and conduct report.

  •  Reading - Reading assessments will be weekly on comprehension, vocabulary, and skills and strategies discussed during the week.  The study guide will contain the weeks spelling, vocabulary, and skills that will be tested each week.  Language skills will be integrated into the reading curriculum; however, a separate language assessment will be given weekly.

  • Math - Math lessons will  be torn out of the textbook and stapled together daily.  Math assessments will be given at the mid chapter and conclusion of each chapter. In addition, students may be graded on math facts.

  • Spelling:  A spelling pretest will be given on Thursday.  If students make 100 on Thursday, they will be exempt from the test on Friday.  We will do daily activities in class to reinforce spelling skills.   

  • Science: Students will be using the on-line SchoolsPLP for science this year.  We are excited about and look forward to many fun lessons.  

  • Social Studies: Students will be using the on-line SchoolsPLP for social studies this year. In addition, we will also be using Scholastic News.

  • We provide the students with enough time to complete their daily work at school.  However, if you child does not finish or complete their work correctly, this work will come home in the homework folder for them to complete or correct and should be returned to school the following day.

  • If your child is absent please try to come pick up their work so they do not get behind. Attendance is very important in second grade.   We cover so much new material each day.

  • We love to help you celebrate your child’s birthday.  We like to do these celebrations on Friday.  Please let us know ahead of time if you plan to do this so we do not plan for two celebrations on the same day.  We will not celebrate any birthday until after the first two weeks of school because we are trying to transition your child into the new school year. Only individually wrapped snacks may be sent with your child that morning.

  • We have a new cell phone policy for the school.  When you come to visit with your child at school please make sure your phone is off.  Often times this is distracting to the students.  Please do not take pictures of your child and their friends while at school and post on any type of social media.

  • We will continue to have the breakfast program that was offered to all students last school year.  So your child will be able to participate, we ask that your child arrive to school on time so they will have time to eat.   After 7:45 your child is considered tardy and may not have time to eat breakfast.  We begin our day promptly at 8:00.

  • The lunchroom welcomes visitors on Tuesday and Thursday to eat with your child.  We encourage you to eat the lunchroom food instead of bringing in outside food when eating with your child.  Please let the office know by 8:00 on the day you plan to eat with your child.  Visitors lunch are $4.25 with tea. Due to the COVID pandemic, visitors will not be allowed until further notice. Sorry.

  • Please make sure your child’s lunch account has sufficient funds because we are not going to be able to charge student lunches this school year. Student lunches are $2.50.

  • Students will not be able to purchase extra drinks with their lunch this year.

  • Students may bring water from home to keep at their desk.  Water fountains will not be used this year.

  • If students bring lunch from home they can not purchase a drink from the lunchroom, so be sure to pack a drink.


We hope this information helps you and your child to transition to second grade.  We have so many wonderful things to learn and experience this year.  We look forward to working with you and your child.  

Mrs. Walker