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Take Home Folder:  The TAKE HOME FOLDER will come home every night.  All important notices from school can be found in this folder.  Please send any signed forms or notes back in the TAKE HOME Folder each day.  I will be checking the TAKE HOME Folder every morning.

Make sure to check the folder every night for papers.

Email and Phone:  If you have a question or a concern that you would like to contact me about and you do not want to send a note, please feel free to email or call me.  I will return your email or phone call as soon as I can, which is usually during my planning period or after school.

SeeSaw: Please take the time to sign up for your child's SeeSaw account.  Throughout the year, I will post information about school events along with some of your child's work.  We are planning to send additional items to you using SeeSaw this year.  We are trying to cut down on the handling of so many papers.  If you have not signed up, please contact me for the information to get started today!!