Grading System

Grading System grading

  • This year your child will take weekly tests for letter grades and will receive letter grades on their report card.  Each week your child will be tested on the material that we have worked on in class for that week and with some items of review from the previous weeks.  The children will have math, reading, spelling, grammar, and vocabulary tests.   These tests will be returned to you on Tuesday the following week.  A weekly newsletter for you to keep and study with your child will be sent home on Monday and it will be posted on SeeSaw.  This sheet will have spelling words and vocabulary words to study for the week.  It will also have important notes or information for you.

  • A conduct sheet will be sent home on Friday or it may be posted on SeeSaw.  If your child has a 100 on conduct for the week, they can get something out of the treasure box. 

  • Your child will receive a handwriting grade.  This will be based on classwork and handwriting practice pages.  

  • Your child will have Reading homework each week.  We give them a paper on Monday with a reading passage on it  and ask you to time them for 1 minute each night they read and return it when completed.  Later, we may post this to SeeSaw. This is just to help them with extra reading practice and to help them become more automatic with reading.  They are not expected to read the whole passage in one minute.  

  • We will have a Math lesson most days except for when we have a test, or a review day, or when we introduce a new chapter.  We usually have time to complete the practice page in class. 

  • Science, Social Studies, and Health grades will be based on classroom activities.  These activities usually correlate with what we are learning in our Reading lessons.

  • We provide the students with enough time to complete their daily work at school.  However, if they do not finish or complete their work, this work will come home for them to complete or correct and should be returned to school the following day. 

  • We have a reading/math program, Super Scholars, that they began in first grade.  The students read AR books on their level and take tests on the computer.  This program increases comprehension as well as fluency in reading.  The math goal will be facts that we practice each week.  The children are rewarded at the end of each 9 week period for reaching their goals.  Each child has their own goal to reach.  AR does not count for a grade, so it will not count against their grade if their goal is not met.