KINDERGARTEN NEWS                             

                November 2  - November 6

We will review the letters and sounds of “Tt” “Mm” “Aa” “Ss” “Pp” this week in reading. We will review the sight words “a” “the” “can” “we” “see” & “like”. The book for the week is “See The Bugs!!”. 

Please let your child read their book to you. Please ask them to name the letters and sounds and sight words to you.

It is very important for your child to know the sight words. Sight words can not be sounded out.  They need to be able to recognize and say them by sight.  The words will become more difficult throughout the year, so please review these each night with your child.

School will be closed on Wednesday, Nov.11th for Veteran’s Day.

School will be closed Nov. 23 - 27 for Thanksgiving Holidays. Monday will be an ELearning day. We will send activities for your child to complete through Seesaw.

Please let your child read these sentences to you.

We see the cat.

We like Sam.

We can see Pam.

Name these number to your parents.

8    10    4    1    9    7    3    5    6    2