Kindergarten News

April 15  - April 19

We will review all letters and sounds this week. The sight words for the week are “has” & “play”. The book for the week is “We Can Play!!”.   Please practice rhyming words with your child. Also, it is very important that your child can blend CVC words fluently. These are words such as:  hot, map, tip, etc. Please practice these with your child.

Please practice naming color words and number words with your child.

The sight words are getting much harder.  It is VERY important that your child know these words.  Please practice the following sight words with your child every night.

I    can  see we   a like to   and go the do   you my are he with   do he with little is she  was for have of they want   said me here what this too help  play has

Please name these letters to your parents.

S    M A   P T I   N C D O  H E R F L  B K U G V X J  Q Z Y k l b a  s m p t i n c   d o h e f r u g v x  j q z y

Please register your child online.  The snap codes were sent home last week.  Please sign and return the pink form when you have completed it.

Please help your child learn their address.  We will be grading on this in the next few weeks.

Please let your child practice sounding out the following words to you.   

Hat   jog nut   hum bat tag   net fix bug leg   

We will be selling snow-cones Friday for $1.00.

School will be closed Friday, April 19th for Good Friday.

May 20th is Fun Day!

May 21st is kindergarten graduation at 9:00 a.m. @ Whitesboro church.  Please dress your child in church clothes and shoes. Bring them to school at normal time.  We will dress them in their cap & gown and we will bring them over to the church. We will have a sign out sheet at the church.  You won’t have to come back to the school. You may check your child out at the church after graduation.