Welcome to 4th Grade


Welcome to Fourth Grade
We are delighted that your child is with us in 4th grade.  This year your child will learn many new concepts as well as how to be a responsible and independent student. 

Teachers will be sending information regarding our school-wide SEESAW computer/app program that will allow you to receive important newsletters and information from the classroom and school.  
Please make sure that you are signed up when you get the information the 1st week of school.  It is very important, especially this school year, that you are able to receive information.  You may access this by downloading the app for your phone or your computer as well. 

Fourth grade students will be using the website Spelling City to practice and test for spelling.  Please make sure to include the $3.00 license fee when you bring your child's supplies.  You may send cash or check.  Please put in an envelope with your child's name and homeroom teacher. 

Students will also be using ConnectEd (the Wonders Reading website) to practice reading skills and take the weekly assessments.  You will receive your child's user name and password so that you are able to view the assessments each week and check the grade.  We will not be sending home individual reading tests this year.