Weekly Skills

                           4 th Grade ELA Study Guide --- Unit 1, Week 1
MAIN STORY: “The Princess and the Pizza” By Mary Jane and Herm Auch
2nd STORY: “Tomas and His Sons”

Comprehension Skill: Sequence
Comprehension Strategy: Make Predictions

Genre: Fairy Tale

Grammar Skill: Sentences

Writing Skill: Form: Friendly Letter

Spelling Skill: Short Vowels Spelling Words: flat, cash, band, bell, left, shelf, wealth, grim, mill, hint, plot, dock, blot, odd, sum, plum, bluff, crunch, build, gym Review: snack, step, pond Challenge Words: heavy, shovel

Vocabulary Words and Example of Usage Skill: Context Clues; Synonyms 1. brainstorm – to brainstorm means to solve a problem by having group members all contribute ideas freely. 2. flattened – flattened means made flatter, or more level or smooth. 3. frantically – to act frantically means to act wildly excited due to worry or fear. 4. muttered – muttered means spoken in a low, unclear way. 5. official– to be official means to be properly approved or authorized 6. original – to be original means to do, make, or think of something new or different. 7. stale-something can be called stale if it is old or not fresh. 8.gracious- To be gracious means to show kindness and courtesy, politeness.