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Feb. 20-23

Whitesboro4th Grade News

Plan Time: 9:00-9:40

School phone: 256-622-1110

Note from the teacher: The Principal Celebration will be Feb. 22. Congratulations to those who met their goals in Reading AR and Math for the 2nd 9 Weeks. Please keep working toward your goal for the 3rd 9 Weeks- we are already half way through it!!

Thank you!S. Stanfield

--- Reading: Close Reading- Genre: Realistic Fiction - Main story: “Momma I’ll Give You the World”, “What if it Happened to You”

Strategy: Visualize Comprehension Skill: Character, Setting, Plot, Problem and Solution

Grammar Skills: Adjectives, Writing Skill: Strong Opening, Spelling Skill: Closed Syllables

Spelling: Closed Syllables

1. blanket 2. blossom 3. dipper 4. distant 5. foggy 6. fossil 7. member 8. nodded 9. planner 10. plastic 11. rumbles 12. slender 13. summer 14. swallow 15. tablet 16. thriller 17. traffic 18. welcome 19. willow 20. witness 21. talking 22. drawn 23. shawl 24. cupboard 25. friendly

Reading Vocabulary:

1.bouquet-a bunch of picked flowers

2.emotion-a strong feeling such as love, hate, happiness, sorrow, or fear

3.encircle- to surround or form a circle around say or show something

5.fussy-hard to please or picky

6.portraits-pictures of people, usually showing only the face and upper body

7.sparkles- shines in quick, bright flashes

8.whirl-to turn or spin around rapidly

Math: Go Math Lessons- Chapter 7

Please look at your child’s classwork daily.

*Multiplication / Division- Word Problems each day for a weekly grade-Also to meet Principal Celebration goal of 80% accuracy in Math

This Week’s Tests:


Math- Friday

Spelling-Thursday AL History-

Reading- Thurs./Friday Science-

Grammar & Vocabulary-Friday


INOW Portal- monitor your child’s grades-

(request a login from the office


Study- multiplication facts/ Division Facts

Read-everyday- AR

Study- Spelling, Reading vocabulary,

Practice-Cursive Handwriting

AL History:

Science: Ch 2

Lunch: Breakfast:


Mon.- OUT

Tues.- Pepperoni Hot Pocket Frudel

Wed.- Chicken Sandwich Bagel

Thurs.- Spaghetti Pop Tart

Fri.- Hot Dog Pancakes

Dates to Remember:

Feb. 19- President’s Day- out

Feb 22- 2nd 9 weeks Principal Celebration

Feb 26 Book Fair

March 1- Family Reading Night (STEM Night)

Text Box: Please sign and return. Thank You!


Week of Feb. 12-16

Conduct Report for___________________________


Did not turn in the following:

___ Morning work

___ Spelling

___ Reading

___ Math

___ Language

___ AL History

___ Science

___ Handwriting




Conduct Grade: _______________


Whole Brain Class Rules

___ Rule 1: Follow directions quickly.

___ Rule 2: Raise your hand for permission to speak.

___ Rule 3: Raise your hand for permission to leave your seat.

___ Rule 4: Make smart choices

___ Rule 5: Keep your dear teacher happy.

____ Did not return conduct report


Principal Math Scholar Average for this Week ___________


Principal AR Points and Average to date: _________/__________