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Stanfield Star News

November   13-16

Whitesboro  4th Grade News

Plan Time: 9:00-9:40

School phone: 256-622-1110

  Note from the teacher: We are collecting toys for “Toys for Tots”, Please donate new toys.

Thank you!  S. Stanfield  

--- Reading: Close Reading- Genre: Biography- Main story- “Abe’s Honest Words” 2nd Story: “A New Birth of Freedom”

Strategy: Reread Comprehension Skill: Point of View

Grammar Skills: Linking Verb, Writing Skill: Book Review, Spelling Skill: Plurals

Spelling: Plurals

1. clams 2. mints 3. props 4. arches 5. dresses 6. parents 7. caves 8. glasses 9. hobbies 10. engines 11. couches 12. arrows 13. enemies 14. babies 15. ranches 16. patches 17. mistakes 18. supplies 19. mosses 20. armies 21. circus 22. germs 23. spice 24. batteries 25. compasses

Reading Vocabulary:

address- a formal speech.

2.divided- separated into parts or pieces.

  haste- done with quickness in moving or in acting.

  opposed- he or she is against it.

5.perish- to disappear or vanish.

6.proclamation- an official public announcement of something.

7.shattered- completely destroyed or ruined.

8 tension- mental or emotional strain.

Math: Go Math Lessons- Division

Please look at your child’s classwork daily.

Study Multiplication / Division Facts

This Week’s Tests:  


Spelling- Thursday              AL History-

Reading- Friday                   Science-

Grammar & Vocabulary- Friday

Division Facts Timed Test- Friday

I NOW Portal- monitor your child’s grades-

(request a login from the office


Study- multiplication facts/ Division Facts

Read-everyday- AR

Study- Spelling, Reading vocabulary,

Practice-Cursive Handwriting

AL History: Ch 7 Civil War



Mon.-  OUT

Tues.-  Crispito                                                                                           

Wed.- Chicken Sandwich                          

Thurs.-Manager’s Choice                            

Fri.- Manager’s Choice                                                                                                  

Dates to Remember:

Monday Nov. 12- No School- Veterans Day observed

Fri. Nov. 15- Thanksgiving meal for prek-1   / 2-5 will have Christmas meal

Nov. 19-23 Thanksgiving Holidays

Dec. 12- Pictures with Santa-Bill Miller

Dec. 13 Christmas Extravaganza-w- entertainment, Vendors, Santa Shoppe, SantaFe, and Santa Claus (more info to come)

Dec. 20- Class Party- 10:00am