star4th Grade Curriculumstar
      starLanguage Arts
Language Arts covers reading, language, writing, and spelling.  According to the Alabama State Course of Study, 4th grades should:
  • Demonstrate word recognition skills and vocabulary knowledge
  • Use a wide range of reading strategies
  • Identify literary elements and devices
  • Compare genres and story elements
  • Respond in writing to open ended questions
  • Apply mechanics in writing
  • Demonstrate subject-verb agreement
  • Organize information
  • Demonstrate good listening skills
Scott Foresman Reading Street is the basis of my language arts teaching.  Other sources include Accelerated Reader, NAEP lessons, and ARI strategies.
The Alabama State Course of Study states that fourth graders should know the following science objectives:
  • Electric currents
  • Pitches of sound
  • Light interaction
  • Effects of friction
  • Interdependence of plants and animals
  • Classification of animals
  • Geological features
  • Space exploration
  • Earth and its moon
  • Solar system
Fourth grade math skills are taken from the Alabama State Course of Study.  The skills 4th graders need to know include:
  • Number sense
  • Writing money amounts
  • Fraction and decimal skills
  • Rounding numbers
  • Solving addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division problems
  • Identify plane figures
  • Ordered pairs
  • Elapsed time


starAL History
Alabama fourth graders learn about Alabama's history.  Our Alabama Course of Study wants fourth graders to know the following topics:
  • Thematic maps
  • Native Americans
  • European exploration
  • Settlement of Alabama
  • Geographic regions of Alabama
  • Alabama's Constitution and government
  • Lifestyles of early nineteenth-century farmers, plantation owners, slaves, and townspeople
  • Alabama's succession from the Union
  • Civil War
  • Reconstruction
  • Alabama in the 19th and 20th centuries
  • WWI
  • Great Depression
  • WWII
  • Civil Right's Movement