Classroom Discipline Procedure


My discipline policy is simple:
 I believe that all students can learn in an appropriate learning environment.  
Therefore, students must follow rules to ensure an environment conducive to learning.
I use the Whole Brain Teaching Method in my classroom.  The rules are simple, but yet presented in a way so that students are praised for positive behavior and I don't focus so much on negative behaviors.

Rule #1  Follow Directions Quickly.
Stay on task/follow directions/complete work.
Rule #2  Raise Your Hand For Permission To Talk.
Raise your hand if you need something/ think don't blurt.
Rule #3  Raise Your Hand For Permission To Walk.
Stay in your seat.
Rule #4  Make Smart Choices.
Keep hands, feet, and objects to yourself.
Rule #5  Keep Your Dear Teacher Happy.
Respect teachers, staff members, and other students/ use good manners/
return conduct slip signed/come to school with needed supplies.

Students start each week with a 100 in conduct.  Breaking rules will result in consequences. Each broken rule counts as 5 points deducted from the grade.
Students who choose to follow the rules will receive rewards.

Students who continuously disrupt class with negative behaviors will have severe consequences including writing sentences for broken rules, parent/guardian conferences, or possible corporal punishment.

My job is to teach and your child's job is to learn at school.  I can't teach if I'm handling discipline problems.