1st Grade Beginning Word List

First Grade Wordlist

Dear Parents,

Your child should be able to recognize the following words upon beginning first grade.  Most of them are words that your child learned in kindergarten.  Please work with your child this summer so they will be able to recognize these words by the time school begins in August. They only need to be able to read the words, NOT know how to spell them at this time.

Also, be sure your child recognizes all the letters of the alphabet (both upper and lower case), are able to match upper and lower case letters, and the sounds associated with each letter, know the numerals 0 through 20 and know their birth date and address.

We are looking forward to working with your child next year in first grade. Have a great summer!

Word List:

is         one      first     red      Sunday        and

on       two      second blue     Monday      there

a         three    third     green Tuesday       give

in        four     fourth   orange Wednesday    little

the      five      fifth      brown Thursday   that

are      six        sixth     black    Friday       have

has      seven   seventh yellow Saturday   look

and     eight     eighth   purple   like          

you     nine      ninth     white    come

that     ten        tenth     pink      here

me      zero       she       gray       this

with    my        have      I            look

do       was       we         said       where

to             he         go          of           see

not      for        what      up          down

want       out        who       they       she

A great way to practice these words with your child is to put them on index cards (flash cards) and let your child practice reading them in random order each day (15 minutes).