Classroom Rules & Behavior Plan

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Mrs. Talton's Class Rules

1. Complete work
2. Work Quietly
3. Stay Seated
4. Listen and Follow Directions
5. Work Neatly
6. Follow PE, Hallway, Lunchroom, and Restroom Rules
7. Return all homework and progress reports signed by parent

ALL students are expected to follow these rules every day! Should a student excel and go above and beyond to impress the teacher, that student will move up on the behavior chart and receive Bonus Bucks.  If a student breaks a rule during the day, that student pulls a stick and receives a conduct mark - deduction of five points on his or her conduct grade. If the student breaks another rule, they pull another stick and lose five more points on conduct. Then, the teacher will choose a consequence to the broken rule. This could be isolated snack, five minutes of PE time, no center time, or whatever the teacher chooses. Should this behavior continue, the student will write a sad note to his or her parents, the teacher will contact the parent, along with another five points deducted from conduct. If students do not pull any sticks throughout the week, they get candy on Friday. Students always have the option to move up the behavior chart and receive Bonus Bucks to spend at the Bonus Buck Store at the end of each week, as well!