B.I.R.D. Book

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B.I.R.D. Book

So, what is a B.I.R.D. Book?

B.I.R.D. is an acronym for Being Incredibly Ready Daily.


Gone are the days of wrinkled papers and lost notes, newsletters, or calendars.  No more searching the house to find paper in order to write a note to school.  Everything you need is in one notebook!

The B.I.R.D. book is a take-home folder that students use everyday to develop organizational skills and develop responsibility.

This folder houses EVERYTHING students and parents need to keep up-to-date with what is going on at school. 

B.I.R.D. books are important! They help establish good organizational skills that carry on throughout their time in school.  Take your B.I.R.D. book home with you everyday.  Take care of your B.I.R.D. book; we will use them all year.

B.I.R.D. books will be sent home every night. Please check this folder daily for important information.

Folder---Completed class work, homework, school notes, menus, and newsletters will be placed in the 2-pocket folder. The papers on the “Leave At Home” side should be cleaned out every day. Papers such as homework, permission slips, and items needing parent signatures should be kept on the “Return to School” side.


You can contact me anytime at megan_talton@ecboe.org, by calling the school office or by writing in your child’s C book.