***Weekly News***

First Grade Newsletter

October 23rd- November 3rd

Dear Parents,

  School excuse policy has changed. 1 parent note will only cover 2 consecutive days. For example- if your child is out 4 days in a row and you choose to use a parent note, you would need to send 2 parent notes. Doctor’s excuses have not changed.  Also, Our school phone number has changed. The new phone number is 1-256-622-1110.

These are the words and concepts we will teach for the next couple of weeks.  

  • October 23rd-27th

  • New Sight Words  - call   all   day   her  want

  • Blend the following words with th, sh, -ng: shop  this  thump  sing

  • October 30th -November 3rd

  • New Sight words -  around   by   many   place   walk   

  • Blend the following words with ch, -tch, wh, ph: such   check   lunch  Steph  

  • Your student should be able to read the following sentences:   Steph will catch the ball.   What lunch will Mitch pick?  He rushed to the ship to bring his bag.

  • Grammar :   Recognizing common and proper nouns.

  • A common noun is a noun that begins with a lowercase letter.  A proper noun is a noun that begins with a capital letter.

Attention Parents/ Important Information

  • Please send treats for our Halloween treat bags. (Example: Candy, erasers, pencils, stickers)

  • Please start working on your child's mask for the mask parade that we will be having on Thursday, October 26th. MASKS ARE DUE OCTOBER 24TH!!

  • Please send your child an ADULT MEDIUM WHITE t-shirt, we will be making Native American shirts for Thanksgiving.  Also, please be looking for a long sleeved  t-shirt or sweatshirt that fits your child to send for their Christmas shirts.

  • Fall Festival will be October 27th!

  • November 8th- Veterans appreciation program @8:30, Early release Veterans day parade,- car riders @ 11:40. Buses will follow

  • Veterans Day Observance (No school)- November 10th

  • Thanksgiving Break - Novemember 20-24, No school!

  • November 29th- Pictures with Santa!

  • Start making math fact cards with your child.  This week start practicing these subtraction math facts! Test will be next week!

  • 0-0 =0, 1-0=1, 2-0=2, 3-0=3 ,4-0=4, 5-0=5, 6-0=6, 7-0=7, 8-0=8, 9-0=9, 10-0=10, 1-1=0, 2-2=0, 3-3=0, 4-4=0, 5-5=0, 6-6=0, 7-7=0, 8-8=0 ,9-9=0 ,10-10=0,1-1=0, 2-1=1, 3-1=2, 4-1=3, 5-1=4, 6-1=5, 7-1=6, 8-1=7, 9-1=8, 10-1=9