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First Grade Newsletter


First Grade Newsletter

Dear Parents,

     It is very important that you help your child with their homework. Study the Spelling words every night.   Make sure you check your child’s homework folder daily and remove all graded work. Your child will have Math and Reading homework Monday - Thursday.  Please check their homework and return the next day. They will pull a stick if they do not bring it back.

These are the words and concepts we will teach for the next couple of weeks.  

  • September 23rd-27th

  • New Sight Words  - jump move run  two 

  • Blend the following words with r- and s- Blends: frog  grab trap slap snack swim   

  • September 30th- October 4th 

  • New Sight words -  again there help use  new 

  • Blend the following short /e/ words:  pet red head well vet 

  • Your student should be able to read the following sentences:   Fran likes to swim. A frog has on a wig. We will run to school. 

  • Grammar :   Recognizing a noun

  • A noun is a person, place, or thing.

Attention Parents/ Important Information

Please keep checking Seesaw daily as we add information on their everday. Please sign up as soon as possible if you have not yet.

  • If you send money, please send it in an envelope or bag with your child’s name on it! 

  • If you are willing to help with the pictures for the Memory Book please send $6 as soon as possible. We appreciate all of the donations!

  • Please start looking for your child an ADULT SHORT SLEEVE MEDIUM WHITE t-shirt and send it to school, we will be making Native American shirts for Thanksgiving.  Also, please be looking for a long sleeved t-shirt or sweatshirt that fits your child to send for their Christmas shirts. We start working on the shirts early.

  • Anyone who would like to please send treats for our Halloween treat bags. (Example: Candy, erasers, pencils, stickers)

  • Fall Pictures will be October 2nd.

  • Fall Break will be October 14th. There will be no school that day.

  • Fall Festival will be October 31st.

  • Start making math fact cards with your child.  This week start working on math facts, adding 0 to a number.  0+1=1 0+2=2 0+3=3 0+4=4 0+5=5 0+6=6 0+7=7 0+8=8 0+9=9 0+10=10 0+0=0, 1+1=2, 2+2=4, 3+3=6, 4+4=8, 5+5=10, 6+6=12, 7+7=14, 8+8=16, 9+9=18, 10+10=20, 1+1=2, 2+1=3, 3+1=4,4+1=5, 5+1=6, 6+1=7, 7+1=8, 8+1=9, 9+1=10  They will be tested on these soon.