Grading System
The following are the test that your child will receive grades on each week. We do not take grades on daily work. 

Teacher created test that reviews phonics concepts taught previous weeks.
Harcourt Assessment that goes with each weeks lesson.
An oral reading assessment. This will be either sight words, words with the phonics spelling of the week or a reading passage. 

Teacher created test that review math concepts taught during the week or previous weeks.
Go Math Assessment at the end of each unit. 
Math fact Assessments.

Grammar -
Teacher made Grammar Test that reflects the material taught during the week.
A Listening Test to help improve listening skills.

Spelling -
A practice test will given on Wednesday.  If you child makes a 100 they will be exempt from the test on Friday.

Social Studies /Science
We rotate teaching these each week.  Your child will have a teacher created test to show they learned the materials taught during the week. 

We will be giving a handwriting grade on handwriting work samples during the week to help promote good penmanship. 

This grade will reflect their ability to work and play with other during P.E. and follow Coach Glenn's rules during this time. 

Each student begins the week with a 100. They will have 5 points deducted for every conduct mark they get during the week.