Classroom Rules and Behavior Plan
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    Mrs. Royal's Classroom Rules

 1. Completes work ( This is any and all classwork that is assigned to them for that day).

2. Works quietly (When they are working they are to work quietly so they will not disturb others that are working around them.)

3. Stays seated ( They are not to be out of their seats wandering around the room during work time. This also applies to times when I am working individually with students.)
4. Listens and follows directions (This includes putting their name on their papers and not interrupting while I am teaching.  This gets the children off track when they should be listening.

5. Works neatly

6. Follows P.E., lunchroom, Hallway and Restroom rules.  (Our school has adopted consistent rules throughout the school for this.)
7. Returns Homework and Progress Reports signed by Parent or Guardian. (Please make sure to check your child’s folder daily and help remind them with their homework and other papers that need to be returned the next day to school in their folders.  I do not check their folders for them.  They will be responsible for getting their papers out and giving them to me each day.  This will help to develop responsibility in your children.) 

  I have given them the first week of school to learn our classroom rules and practice them.  We have been over these rules many times to make sure each child understands each and every rule and what will occur if they choose not to follow these rules.  We have also discussed the reason for the rules.  First and foremost that they know they are for their personal safety as well as that of their classmates and also so that everyone will have the opportunity to listen and learn to their maximum capacity.  I wanted to give you a list and explanation of each rule so there is no confusion should your child bring home a weekly conduct grade that is less than 100 points.  

Often children, when asked by a parent what they did, will say they do not remember .  Please understand that every time a rule is not followed and your child has to put a “rule stick” in their chart, they are made fully aware of the rule that was broken.  Five points will be deducted for each rule broken.  At the end of the week, the points will be added up and this is how they get their conduct grade.