First Grade Newsletter

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First Grade Newsletter

February 4th-March 1st

Feb.4th-8th (Unit 4Week 5)

  • New Sight Words-  found near hard woman  would write clever

  • Blend the following words with Long /e/, y, ey- study  key Mickey really  

Feb.11th-15th (Unit 5 Week 1)

  • New Sight Words- four   large none only put  round trouble

  • Blend the following words with an r-controlled vowel, /ar/,ar -  art dark farm apart

  • Your student should be able to read the following sentences:   Both Mo and Joe like to row the boat.  The plan can fly high in the sky. The baby is very fussy.   A dog started to bark.

Feb.19th-22nd(Unit 5 Week 2)

  • New Sight Words- another   climb full great poor   through

  • Blend the following words with /ur/ er, ir, ur or-  worm curve return verb

Feb. 25th- Mar.1st  (Unit 5 Week 3)

  • New Sight Words-  began better guess  learn right sure

  • Blend the following words with /or/ or, ore, oar

Grammar :  

  • Adverbs that tell when an action takes place - today, first, next, soon , later

  • See and Saw- We use see when you are telling about what are looking at now. We use saw when we talk about looking at something in the past.

  • Go and Do are action verbs that tell what is happening now. The past-tense form of go is went and the past-tense form of do is did.

  • Words that are used to join two complete sentences- and, but,or

Attention Parents/ Important Information

  • February 14th- Valentines Day! Please send bags of candy for our Valentine treat bags and Valentine Cards by Tuesday, February 13th.

  • February 18th- President’s Day (No School)   

  • February 22nd- Six Flags Read to Succeed Deadline  

  • February 28th- Spring Pictures

  • March 8th- Space Program at 12:00 p.m. at Whitesboro Church

  • March 25th-April 2nd  Spring Break               

  • PLEASE BRING A WHITE SHIRT IN YOUR CHILD’S SIZE FOR THE SPACE PROGRAM BY FEBRUARY 6th!!!!  Our Space Program will be Friday, March 9th at 12:00 . Parents and Family are welcome to attend!!

  • Super Scholars Requirements - Students must meet their A.R. goal, keep a 75 average or higher in conduct and an 85 average on all math facts in order to attend Principal’s celebration.