First Grade Newsletter


Dear Parents,

This is our newsletter for the whole month of November. These are the words and concepts we will teach for the next couple of weeks.  Please continue reading with your child at home and practicing sight words each week. 

  • Nov. 9th-13th- Unit 2 Week 5 

    • New Sight Words-  around  by  many  place  walk  

    • Blend the following words with ch, -tch,wh,ph- check , catch  rich , whip,

  • Nov. 16-20th- Unit 2 Review Week 

  • Nov. 30- Dec 4th- Unit 3 Week 1 

    • New Sight Words  - away   now   some   today   way   why   

    • Blend the following words with long vowel /a/, a_e:   late   cake   phase  grape 

Grammar:   Recognizing verbs

  • A verb is a word that shows action.   I can run, catch, and pitch at the game.

Attention Parents/ Important Information

  • We are asking $6.00 from each child to help purchase food and gifts for our class Christmas party. Please send the money by November 16th!!! It has to be cash-only!

  • Please send your child’s Christmas shirt by NOVEMBER 13th! It needs to be a long-sleeved t-shirt or sweatshirt that fits your child. We will begin painting these soon. Thank you! 

  • Nov. 11th- Veteran’s Day (No School) 

  • Thanksgiving Break - Nov. 23rd-27th (No School) 

  • December 22nd- January 4th- Christmas Break  (No School) 

  • NEW MATH FACTS: 1+2=3, 2+2=4, 3+2=5, 4+2=6, 5+2= 7, 6+2=8, 7+2=9, 8+2=10,9+2 =11, 10+2=12 1+2=3, 2+3=5 3+4=7 4+5=9, 5+6=11, 6+7=13, 7+8=15, 8+9=17, 9+10=19, 10+11=21 

Happy Thanksgiving from the first-grade teachers!