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Nov. 13- 17

Whitesboro4th Grade News

Plan Time: 9:00-9:40

School phone: 256-622-1110

Note from the teacher:The AR Celebration will be Nov. 16th.

Thank you!S. Stanfield

--- Reading: Close Reading- Genre: Fantasy- Main story- Cricket in Times Square Strategy: Visualize Comprehension Skill: Point of View

Grammar Skills: Action Verbs, Writing Skill: Sentence Fluency, Spelling Skill: Next Week- r-controlled vowels

Spelling: r-controlled vowels- ir,er,ur (Test Nov. 16)

1. herb 2. person 3. sternly 4. serpent 5. worse 6. pearl 7. dirty 8. birth 9. shirt 10. twirl 11. swirl 12. purse 13. curl 14. curve 15. curb 16. hurl 17. turkey 18. turnip 19. purpose 20. blurred 21. slowly 22. quickly 23. beautiful 24. spurt 25. further

Reading Vocabulary: (Voc. Test- Nov. 16)

1.acquaintance-someone you know but who is not a close friend

2.cautiously- to do something with care

3.compementary-it makes something whole or complete.

4.jumble-is a confused mixture or condition.

5.logical-something that makes sense and is based on reason

6.scornfully-say or do something in a way that shows dislike or that you are making fun

7.scrounging- trying to obtain or collect something with difficulty

8.trustworthy- to be reliable

Math: Go Math Lessons- Division

Please look at your child’s classwork daily.

Study Multiplication / Division Facts

This Week’s Tests:



Spelling-Thursday AL History- Friday

Reading- Friday Science- Tuesday

Grammar & Vocabulary- Friday

Division Facts Timed Test- Friday


INOW Portal- monitor your child’s grades-

(request a login from the office


Study- multiplication facts/ Division Facts

Read-everyday- AR

Study- Spelling, Reading vocabulary,

Practice-Cursive Handwriting

AL History: Ch 7

Science: Ch 6 Voc


Mon.- Pizza

Tues.- Little Smokies

Wed.- Pepperoni Hot Pocket

Thurs.- Manager’s Choice

Fri.- Manager’s Choice


Dates to Remember:


Nov. 14- 1st payment of $25 for Montgomery Fieldtrip

Super Scholar Celebration- Nov.16- The Night Before Christmas-play $0

Nov. 20-24-Thanksgiving Holidays

Nov. 29-Pictures with Santa

Dec 8- Fieldtrip to Gadsden State- Etowah County Water Festival

Cost- $0